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1. designated
2. announced
3. For: Strong reviews, and praise for the performances - particularly from the children at the centre of the story, and Willem Dafoe, who plays the manager of the motel where they live.
4. One highlight of last year's box office was seven high-quality domestic films listed on the top 10 earners, including 'Monster Hunt', a live-action hybrid, and 'Monkey King: Hero is Back', a 3D animation based on the classic ancient story.
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6. One of the best things you can do to improve your entire life, not just school, is meditate. Fifteen minutes a day is all you need to feel calm, centered and confident.


1. 據行業估計,到2020年,我國年度票房有望達到1000億元人民幣。
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3. n. 土耳其
4. Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province and Shenzhen in Guangdong Province made the biggest progress in improving traffic with measures including vehicle restrictions and better road links, said the report.
5. In this Jan. 24, 1984, file photo, Steve Jobs, chairman of the board of Apple Computer, leans on the new "Macintosh" personal computer following a shareholder's meeting in Cupertino, Calif
6. 下載微信之後,用戶會收到提示,讓他們用自己的QQ賬號或手機號注冊。隨後微信利用用戶手機通訊錄裏已有的條目來充實聯絡人列表。進行交流時,用戶可以上傳任何照片或視頻到手機上,也可以拍攝新的照片和視頻,或是按下一個按鈕錄製一條語音信息,信息的傳送幾乎是實時的。語音信息可以回放,信息最後有短暫的嗶聲,模仿無線電對講機那種即時聯絡的感覺。


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2. "Although it may seem counterintuitive, the best way to maximize profits over the long-term is not to make them the primary goal of the business," Mackey said in an interview earlier this year.
3. 法學、工學、醫學的畢業生簽約月薪較高,平均值分別是5545元、4512元、4500元,同去年相比略有下降,而教育學、農學的畢業生簽約月薪偏低,分別為3258元和3184元。
4. n. 果心,核心,要點
5. But most overseas islands are sold as freehold properties.
6. 我祖母最喜歡的一首詩是威廉o埃內斯特o亨利的《不可征服》(Invictus)。我父親把這首詩掛在廚房牆壁上,所以在成長過程中,我每天都會讀到它:“我,是我命運的主宰。我,是我靈魂的統帥。”我能為每個人,特別是初入職場者提供的最好建議,就是欣然接受你作為命運主宰的角色。當機會出現時,抓住機會並敢於說“Yes!”


1. If you have a question, come to my office. Don't corner me in the bathroom.
2. 不會。華爾街策略師預測美國政府的10年期借貸成本將在未來一年攀升至3%以上,這話就像尷尬的辦公室聚會一樣是聖誕節那段時間的固定節目。鑒於美聯儲退出量化寬鬆和美國減稅,今年的預測看起來更有可能實現。然而,壓低通脹和長期債券收益率的長期重大因素依然存在,並且仍然被低估。2018年美聯儲將至少加息三次,但10年期收益率不會突破3%。
3. Interbrand的全球首席執行官傑斯·弗蘭普頓表示:“蘋果、穀歌和可口可樂是世界上最有價值的品牌。因為他們的財務實力雄厚,品牌具有強大的號召力,這是其競爭對手無法比擬的。”
4. The World Cup, on the other hand, was searched for as both a sporting event and a cultural experience.
5. The deal makes a millionaire of 17-year-old Mr D’Aloisio, who taught himself to write software aged 12 and will join Yahoo’s London office while he continues his studies at school.
6. 斯特羅恩表示,他認為IP-BOX運用了和FBI沒有經過蘋果公司的幫助而破解塞義德·法魯克iPhone 5c相同的技術。現在FBI已經開始向其他執法部門提供幫助解鎖iPhone,iPad或者iPod Touch的方法。蘋果方麵正在積極尋找FBI是如何破解iPhone的,並將推出軟件更新來關閉這些漏洞。


1. 印度梅加拉亞邦——《孤獨星球》上說:“梅加拉亞邦這種平靜的狀態不會維持太久的,在尋求刺激的人群占領卡西山之前趕緊去那裏吧!”照片上拍攝的是乞拉朋齊瀑布,它是印度最高的飛瀑,高達340米。
2. 9. Meghalaya, India-"Meghalaya won't stay this quiet for long; go before thrill seekers storm the Khasi Hills," advises Lonely Planet. Pictured is Nohkalikai Falls, India's tallest plunge waterfall at 340 meters.
3. Casual games--simple games such as card games--take second place with three ranked among the top 10 game list, while Web page games--such as Tencents' QQ games--are emerging as a new growth area. According to the report, by the end of Octover 2009, there were 1.54 million users playing the top five Web page games, with each user playing for an average of 30 minutes a day.

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    Obama scored narrow wins in Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire - all states that Romney had contested - while the only swing state captured by Romney was North Carolina, according to network projections。

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    引人注目的是,在首次上榜的9所學校中,亞利桑那州立大學(Arizona State University)的WP凱瑞商學院(WP Carey School of Business)成為首次參與此項排名的美國學校,排在第82位。

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    Mrs. May’s government proposed a rule that would publicly shame employers who hired foreign workers. And her first major speech was full of barbs directed against multiculturalism, including a jab against people who claimed to be “citizens of the world,” whom she called “citizens of nowhere.”

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    Another fashion high-flyer making her mark on the first day of the world-famous festival was Winnie Harlow. The Canadian model - who has the skin condition vitiligo - nearly took Emily's crown, as she made a play for the attention with her elegant belle of the ball outfit.

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