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1. Three stricts and three honests: Be strict in morals, power and disciplining oneself; be honest in decisions, business and behavior
2. The seven large brick tombs were likelyconstructed for people of wealth, the researchers said.
3. “What happens if one of these Airbnb guests starts a fire?” asked Phyllis H. Weisberg, chairwoman of the Cooperative and Condominium Law Committee at the New York City Bar Association. “Who’s paying for that?”
4. 其他的歐洲國家生活成本在增長,排名有進步。倫敦上升了5個名次,並且進入前十。
5. [k?n'd?kt]
6. manifest顯示,證明+o表名詞,“人,物或狀態”→宣言,聲明


1. 單詞polish 聯想記憶:
2. “One person said he was going to the men’s room and didn’t return.”
3. 答:AZ裏麵的角色不是我創作的。在最初版本出來之前,我給故事寫了大綱。但伊奈帆這個角色最後呈現出來的,其實和我寫的不大一樣。我和這個角色之間沒什麼聯係,所以說這個人物算是例外吧。
4. Another fashion high-flyer making her mark on the first day of the world-famous festival was Winnie Harlow. The Canadian model - who has the skin condition vitiligo - nearly took Emily's crown, as she made a play for the attention with her elegant belle of the ball outfit.
5. But the economic base for these capabilities is steadily declining.
6. The strategy of Four comprehensives: Comprehensively building a moderately prosperous society, comprehensively driving reform to a deeper level, comprehensively governing the country in accordance with the law, and comprehensively enforcing strict Party discipline


1. 誰也不願意自己的家門口整天鬧個不停。
2. 在如今的江蘇省境內的貴族古墓裏找到的。
3. 1.《廷巴克圖》,導演:阿伯德拉馬納·希薩柯(Abderrahmane Sissako)。
4. TV Movie: “Sherlock: The Abominable Bride (Masterpiece)” (PBS)
5. Best Companies rank: 1
6. While not a low rating when compared to the other four dramas, it was still criticized by many audience members.


1. We learned about the causes and consequences of rising obesity around the world.
2. As the calendar flips to December it’s not too early to think about the inevitability of tanking. Who should do it, who should wait, and who shouldn’t ever consider it. Flanns and Zillz discuss.
3. 10. 注意自己的心態。
4. 節目18 雜技《冰與火》,趙麗 張權
5. She created a whole world around the device -- one populated by humans, a whale in a top hat and dragons.
6. 2. Marc Faber's Doomsday warning on Bernanke's disastrous QE scheme


1. “Our goal is to produce as many units as we can and, at the same time, make sure that we do it in a way that maintains and enhances the health of neighborhoods,” said Carl Weisbrod, the director of the Department of City Planning.
2. We will develop cultural programs and industries.
3. Best chances: Dafoe is probably the current front runner for best supporting actor.

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    Attraction: The adventure of a lifetime

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    Data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology showed the production of new-energy vehicles last month surged by 144 percent year-on-year to 16,100 units, and the output of fully electric passenger vehicles tripled from the same period last year, reaching 7,952 units in January. Official data showed that 97 percent of new-energy vehicles produced in January would be eligible for favorable taxation policies.

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    Wheel skates look somewhat like regular inline skates, except that the wheels are much larger, up to the size of bicycle tires. They are seen as a cross between an inline skate, a ski, and a bike. Recently, a company called Chariot Skates said they had come up with something unique—the Chariot wheel skates. According to the company, wheel skates are "revolutionary new skating products." Revolutionary? They do at least revolve. New? No. The first wheel skate was made more than 142 years ago.

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    In reality, bitcoin displayed major momentum in the last year as both a technology and a movement, and looks poised to convert more skeptics in the year to come. The metrics in a range of areas prove it: the number of bitcoin-related startups and jobs has boomed; the number of accepting institutions has bloomed; and activity among developers is greater than ever.

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    1.Rain Man

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    當你聽說今年3月份,一個17歲的學生把自己設計的一款軟件以3,000萬美元賣給雅虎公司(Yahoo! Inc., YHOO)的時候。對於這孩子的形貌,你腦海裏或許已勾畫出一個搞笑的形象了吧:不用說,肯定是個極客。一個除了一行一行寫代碼之外對什麼也不感興趣的學霸。一個不敢正眼瞧人還老小聲兒嘀咕著什麼的神經質。

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    Yes. Mr Modi’s overnight ban on using high-value bank notes was a big shock, and seriously disrupted the economy. But it delivered rich political rewards, bolstering the premier’s image as a decisive leader willing to take tough action against corruption. With the next general elections due in 2019, Mr Modi will be tempted to deliver one more big bang to dazzle voters. Watch out for dramatic action against wealthy individuals holding properties in others’ names to hide their ownership.

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    白人焦慮推動了今年的西方政治動蕩:英國令人震驚地投票決定退出歐盟,美國的唐納德?J?特朗普(Donald J. Trump)出人意料地獲得了共和黨的總統提名,挪威、匈牙利、奧地利和希臘的右翼民族主義崛起。

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    最近的例子也比比皆是,從烏戈.查韋斯(Hugo Chávez)到歐爾班.維克托(Viktor Orban)和弗拉基米爾.普京(Vladimir Putin)。

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