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1. The gig economy
2. 完成實踐測試
3. In addition to meeting quality standards, imported products must be correctly labeled in Chinese, according to national regulations.
4. 6.《我愛你,菲利普·莫裏斯》
5. Does he have the ability to communicate his plans for what comes next—whatever they might be—to a fan base that's rightfully demanding answers after another ugly season on and off the court?
6. ‘Law & Order: SVU’ This NBC ripped-from-the-soap-opera perils of Olivia (Mariska Hargitay) — psychopath rapist-stalker, tortured love affair, new baby — that took up so much air last season finally died down, and this season, the show’s 16th, the detectives got back to sex crimes à clef, including a Ray Rice-inspired episode about a star sportscaster who was seen on a surveillance camera punching the lights out of his wife.


1. Import growth lifted year-on-year to a pace of 17.7 per cent for the period, up from 17.2 per cent a month earlier and beating an expected rate of 11.3 per cent.
2. Vawter climbed 103 floors of a Chicago skyscraper on his bionic leg, but its designers are still working on improving it. To optimize it for everyday use, they have to make it even thinner and lighter. Its successor (the iLeg Air?) may meet the Army's stated goal for a bionic leg—10,000 steps without recharging.
3. If you've got children, I understand that this isn't always possible. Children should always come first. But if you don't show up for your classes, you're not getting that education we discussed in No. 1.
4. 單詞mortgage 聯想記憶:
5. 認真思考一下:未來的經曆能提高你的知識和技能嗎?它是否會讓你接觸到新的觀點,認識不同的人?(這些都是支持你對機會說“Yes”的好理由!)你需要為了管理團隊或與經驗更加豐富的同事共事而培養新技巧嗎?如果答案是肯定的,那就接受這種挑戰,走出你的舒適區。
6. 準時完成你的工作。即使還有額外的任務,也要如此。


1. 在接下來幾年裏,大型住宅樓盤必須遵守第87號本地法(Local Law 87)——該法要求樓盤審核能源使用量,並保持係統以最高效率運行。住宅樓是紐約市最大的溫室氣體排放源,其排放量占總量的37%。“能源是一大熱門話題。樓盤怎樣提高能源效率?”管理著超過500處房產的FirstService Residential New York的總裁丹·沃澤爾(Dan Wurtzel)說,“如果運營預算的三分之一來自能源耗費,而現在你可以降低這塊成本,那麼上漲維護費的壓力就減輕了。”
2. Much joy to you in the up coming year. May the warmest wishes, happy thoughts and friendly greetings come at New Year and stay with you all the year through.
3. There are lots of benefits to studying in a group. You have to be organized. You can't procrastinate. You have to really understand something to be able to explain it out loud to someone else.
4. 這位設計師晚年最重要的夥伴之一就是他的伯曼貓邱佩特,拉格菲爾德稱它為他唯一的真愛,而且他還曾說過,如果(與動物結婚)合法的話,他會與邱佩特結婚。
5. Online registration will end on Oct. 24. The exam will be held on Nov. 27 in major Chinese cities.
6. 和許多評論家一樣,我一方麵了解清單的便利,一方麵也討厭清單的專橫。所以我永遠不可能隻列出十部――我怎麼做得到呢,北美影院一年就要上映900多部影片呢――今年是2015年,所以我挑選了15部,為它們分門別類,計數時做了一點含糊,所以最後其實是20部。其中有兩部片名的不代表並列,而是代表有兩種特色,可以成對觀看,二者的優點相映成趣。


1. It was an incredible achievement for SpaceX. The first stage rocket of one of its Falcon 9 launchers, having successfully lofted cargo to the International Space Station, managed to turn itself around, bleed off the enormous kinetic energy it had acquired while its main engines were burning, fly back down to Earth and land vertically - with balletic precision - on a rather tiny looking robotic barge floating somewhere in the Atlantic.
2. 關於英國即將離開歐盟最引人注目的事情是,我們居然仍對脫歐具體會帶來什麼後果知之甚少。全民公投可是一年多以前的事了。
3. Though the 60-year-old Microsoft head is 4.2 billion dollars poorer than 2015, his net worth of 75 billion dollars has put him in the top spot of the spot on Forbes' World Billionaires list for the third year in a row, after overcoming Mexico's Carlos Slim Helu in 2014.
4. 四線及以下城市居民在收入、教育、醫療、養老方麵的經濟壓力與國家平均水平相近,而家庭和人際關係方麵的壓力比二三線城市大。
5. 住在氣球發射場附近的邊境民眾投訴活動分子將他們的生命置於危險之中,因為他們是北韓反擊的潛在受害者。
6. ['pri:dises?]


1. Anton, who works in the military, said: 'I thought the Beyonce routine was inappropriate when Steph first told me about it, but when I saw her on the stage doing it, it worked out quite well and everyone enjoyed it.'
2. The PPI fell 5.3 per cent year-on-year in January, moderating from December’s -5.9 per cent pace. PPI has remained in negative territory since March 2012, reaching a low of -5.9 per cent for the five consecutive months since August 2015.
3. 而90後微信用戶數量則略有下降,從94.1%跌到了86.6%。

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    In this emotional comedic drama, a selfish car dealer named Charlie Babbitt learns that he has a brother after his estranged father dies. He is upset to learn that said brother, Raymond, received his father's $3 million estate despite living with severe autism that has left him in a mental institution. Charlie learns that Raymond is a savant with outstanding capabilities for mental math and takes advantage of this skill by using Raymond to count cards in Vegas.

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    Rihanna, who came in at second place, earned her runner-up position "following another 12-month period in which she was absolutely bloody everywhere and yet we all entirely failed to get sick of her," per FHM.

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