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1. On the occasion of the New Year, may my wife and I extend to you and yours our warmest greetings, wishing you a happy New Year, your career greater success and your family happiness.
2. Charli XCX, 'Number 1 Angel'
3. 媒體非常令人討厭,我們知道這一點,殿下,但您(以及您所代表的王室)可以用更有尊嚴的方式來表達您的關切。
4. 此類洞見尤其引起訴訟出資人的興趣,後者支持原告以換取一定比例的損害賠償金,並在出錢之前試圖評估糾紛的可能結局。但是這種技術可能要到2019年乃至更遙遠的未來才能突破。
5. Ann Hand
6. But retail sales growth softened to 10 per cent in October, betraying economists’ expectations it would hold steady at 10.7 per cent growth from September.


1. Frederickson說這樣做會讓你賺到一些錢,結交一些新朋友。也可以鍛煉一下你在失業期間可能會生疏的一些技能,比如:做事要快,多任務同時進行,迅速而出色地回答問題等。
2. re再+membr[=member]記得+ance→回憶;記憶力
3. As impressive as those saving gains might look now, they could easily be swallowed as rising rates of illness place a greater burden on society.
4. 普華永道上周一發布的數據顯示,2016年上半年中國內地A股首次公開募股(IPO)數量和融資金額同比均出現了大幅下滑。
5. 2015年末,中國銀行業不良貸款率從1.25%升至1.67%,商業銀行所持不良貸款額達到1.27萬億元人民幣。
6. 10. Run the Jewels “Run the Jewels 2” (Mass Appeal) Speaking of urgent and stinging, Killer Mike and El-P, veteran underground rappers from different scenes, found firm traction on their second round as Run the Jewels. Their flow is strong and their focus is furious on an album that calls out power structures but lets nobody off the hook.


1. 答:AZ裏麵的角色不是我創作的。在最初版本出來之前,我給故事寫了大綱。但伊奈帆這個角色最後呈現出來的,其實和我寫的不大一樣。我和這個角色之間沒什麼聯係,所以說這個人物算是例外吧。
2. Comic skit “Give Hand So That I Won’t Be Lonely”(Feng Gong, Guo Donglin and Yan Xuejing)
3. 隻有公民,而他們的選擇不僅可能、而且必然會改變。
4. 你是不是今年遇到過一些糟糕的麵試?這項調查肯定能讓你振奮起來,除非你恰好也經曆過類似窘境。人力資源公司OfficeTeam要求來自北美的600名管理者描述他們在2014年見過的最令人尷尬的麵試失誤。以下是他們給出的答案。
5. [?'ridnl]
6. 時隔多年,貝爾蒙特如今已是一位白發蒼蒼的老人。沒能現場觀看1950年世界杯的決賽,他從不感到後悔。那次決賽過後沒幾天,他的母親就去世了。“我當時決定放棄觀看比賽的機會,事實證明這樣做是正確的。”他對記者說。


1. 穆裏埃塔屬於一個叫“五皇後”的黑幫,他們是加州淘金熱的高潮期間,臭名昭著的土匪。雖然穆裏埃塔的犯罪行為可能沒有任何政治色彩,他還是隨著來到加州投機的美國定居者,成了墨西哥抵抗的象征。對他而言,這可不是什麼好事,而是促使政府懸賞他的人頭,導致他被殺和斬首。幸運的是,班德拉斯的角色沒有遭到同樣的命運。
2. 1. What big brother is eating isn’t noodles, but loneliness.
3. 看看這些:
4. What would he try for his solo move: "Sweet Creature" and "Ever Since New York" are intimate acoustic ballads; while "Kiwi" lets him strut his Oasis-style self at top volume. "Two Ghosts" is a break-up lament .
5. Despite the promise of downloadable courses, teaching for officially recognised qualifications continues to be a classroom-based activity undertaken in the real world. Start-ups have taken the attitude that if they cannot beat the universities and colleges at their own game with new methods of delivery, they should join them in partnerships. As a result, they have been busy getting examining boards to endorse their online courses so that they can count towards a bachelor’s or master’s qualification.
6. 夏季期間,中國股市泡沫破裂,數萬億美元的市值因而蒸發。盡管政府作了大量努力遏製股市暴跌,上海證券綜合指數仍由7月12日的峰值一路下滑,到8月26日時下跌了43%。


1. In addition, the 1980 stamps were designed by Huang Yongyu, 92, a well-known Chinese master painter, making it a collectible item with extreme value.
2. 這是光明的季節,也是黑暗的季節……
3. Attractions: Europe’s underrated gem.

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    實際上,去年新出爐的炒魷魚委婉用語(euphemisms for firing people)跟往年的產量差不多。Infosys宣稱“井然有序地實現了一次3000人的人員遞減”。Upworthy,一家規模不大的媒體公司,在解雇了14名員工後竟然大言不慚地稱這是一次“投資性裁員”。反言之,2016年最極品的行話體現出的不是失敗,而是興奮過頭。

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    Meanwhile, New Yorkers living in the city’s nearly one million rent-stabilized apartments should brace for a fight in Albany in June, when the rent-stabilization law expires. Housing advocates hope to see a reversal of a rule that allows landlords to deregulate vacant units if the rent reaches $2,500 a month.

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    Kendall Jenner has knocked Gisele off the top spot as the world's highest paid model for the first time in 15 years.

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