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1. Five programmes feature in the pre-experience ranking for the first time. The highest new entrant is Lee Kong Chian School of Business at Singapore Management University. The school came second in terms of the international mobility of its graduates, and is the first school to feature in both pre-experience and post-experience rankings.
2. 在這個力求避免任何歧視的態度的年代,年輕一代開始不滿邦德的大男子主義態度和不健康的生活方式,因此赫洛維茲引入了一係列會指出邦德錯誤的新人物。
3. 8.表達感激之情
4. 年度最佳藝人:盧克·布萊恩
5. 《三塊廣告牌》
6. 4. 馬克·特納四重奏(Mark Turner Quartet),《天堂裏的車床》(Lathe of Heaven), ECM。這是次中音薩克斯手馬克·特納13年來第一次以領隊身份推出專輯,他喜歡同小號手阿維沙伊·科恩(Avishai Cohen)奏出流暢的互動,在後波普規範中發現全新意義。他的作曲中有純粹的神秘,由喬伊·馬丁(Joe Martin)擔任貝斯手,馬庫斯·基爾默(Marcus Gilmore)擔任鼓手的節奏組亦是一絲不苟。


1. We will improve the property rights protection system.
2. Unfortunately for May, the big drop in the pound since the Brexit vote means her salary has plunged in dollar terms.
3. com共同,bat打,擊-共同打-戰鬥com bat:共同生活的bat蝙蝠,免不了要combat
4. 俄羅斯和北約(Nato)都呼籲緩和土耳其與荷蘭的爭執。
5. Cheryl Boone Isaacs, Academy President
6. 1月份,中國的進口同比減少了14.4%,降至7375億元人民幣。大於去年12月4%的降幅,也和上升1.8%的預期不符。


1. It is reported that Karl Lagerfeld, the artistic director for Chanel, died aged 85 in Paris, leaving the fashion world reeling at the loss of the man.
2. 他說:“比如說,如果他們拖延從韓國進口的海關流程並采取對韓國商品的其他報複舉措,韓國政府對此將無能為力。”
3. ['tnl]
4. 28 September
5. 我經常覺得不開心
6. This marks the first time that Google has topped the list since 2011.


1. senior
2. 沙特王儲穆罕默德·本·薩勒曼表示,多數被捕人員已同意歸還部分非法獲得的錢財,以換取自由。
3. 該項目的另一個好處在於,它鼓勵了職業靈活性,讓年輕人對曲折的職業道路有所準備,而後者可能在現代職場中是必不可少的。
4. allure
5. 日本北海道——盡管北海道最初因作為滑雪勝地而聞名於世,那裏的雪花潔白而細膩;但也許很快它的全年美景就會更為外國遊客所熟知,而新修建的自東京駛來的高速列車應該會起很大作用。
6. 一個解釋是,在金融業高薪領域工作的男性比例遠遠超過女性比例。三分之一的男性在私募、風險資本、投資銀行或者並購以及對衝基金領域工作,而女性隻有19%。


1. Foreign property investment by Chinese companies plunged by 84 per cent last month, as Beijing’s capital controls choked off the flow of foreign acquisitions.
2. D'ALOISIO BEGAN designing iPhone apps nearly the moment the app store opened in 2008. He was 12 years old, working on a Mac in his bedroom in the London district of Wimbledon. Because he was too young, he signed up for the Apple developer's license using his father's name. He'd taken no formal computer science classes at school, and neither of his parents (Diana and Lou, a lawyer and a business executive, respectively) knew much about tech. Instead, he learned how to program almost entirely by himself, scouring websites and watching instructional videos.
3. Paris is the only Eurozone country in the top 10, and sees a drop of three places, which the report says may be due to falling confidence in the euro.

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    Although the banks' dividend to shareholders is shrinking, it still accounted for half of the combined dividends of all public companies in China. The banks' earnings also made up 52% of the total profits reported by listed companies last year.

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    Tongzhou was designated as the site of a new administrative center for the municipal government to help relieve the current heavy pressure on public services in downtown Beijing, where the central government is located.

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    The helium pushes the foam upwards through a stencil.

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