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1. With best wishes for a happy New Year!
2. 人們的擔憂涵蓋了各個領域,從全球問題(比如俄羅斯試圖影響2016年美國總統選舉),到地方問題(比如擔心用戶淹沒在通知和新聞推送中,造成心理健康問題和生產率損失)。
3. "Migration should be an option, a choice. But for 200 million people, it's a necessity," he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in a phone interview.
4. 推特方麵日前表示,在今年8月弗吉尼亞州夏洛特維爾爆發種族騷亂後,奧巴馬發布的一條推文是今年轉推量第2多的推文,轉推量達170萬次以上。
5. 律師本質上是謹慎的,但他們中的大多數人已經認識到,技術是處理他們需要梳理的大量信息的關鍵。沒有技術,披露和合規等一些需要處理很多文件的工作幾乎不可能完成。
6. According to Putin's most recent income declaration, he earned roughly 8.9 million rubles ($137,000) in 2015.


1. 《危險!》(Jeopardy!):這個遊戲節目今年已播出50年(2021年01月17日首播),它證明自己不僅能難住觀眾,而且能令他們感到意外。不僅是因為主持人亞曆克斯·特裏貝克(Alex Trebek)留起了胡子(之前13年他都是把胡子剃得幹幹淨淨),而且是因為仍有些選手表明自己能刺激觀眾。今年刺激觀眾的是亞瑟·朱(Arthur Chu),他采用閃電戰式的答題方式,在網上引起一片嘩然。他的策略令人興奮,當然也很奏效:他在錦標賽中奪得第二名(友善的本·因格拉姆[Ben Ingram]最後得了第一)。
2. “You can choose to spend the time however you like,” he wrote, suggesting people “go travelling, pursue a philanthropic project, spend quality time with family or simply take time out to recharge and refocus”.
3. de離開,priv=privat私人的-從私人那裏拿走-剝奪
4. I loved his list (hat tip to him), but I thought I’d elaborate on what I believe makes for an effective boss or manager。
5. Besides Edhec and HEC, Essec Business School, ESCP Europe and Skema Business School are in third, fourth and sixth places respectively.
6. 隨著《喜羊羊與灰太狼》大電影第二部《喜羊羊與灰太狼之虎虎生威》的上映,這部空前火爆的國產動畫再度成為眾人關注的焦點。你知道怎麼用英文介紹《喜羊羊與灰太狼》麼?I


1. Some Brexiters and Republicans believe in the ideal of absolutely free markets.
2. 其他在定製課程排名中表現突出的學校包括哈佛商學院(Harvard Business School),該院取得了今年最大幅度的排名攀升,上升9位至第5名。兩年前,這所位於馬薩諸塞州的學院還排在第18位。
3. 27個省級地區的GDP增速超過全國6.7%的GDP增速,其中,僅重慶、貴州、西藏三地實現兩位數增長。
4. “Our population and employment is at an all-time high and growing. That puts significant pressure on rents and prices,” said Mark Willis, the executive director of the New York University Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy. “There is no reason now to think that these trends are likely to change.”
5. The movie takes place a year after the events of Finding Nemo and follows the journey of Dory to find her parents. Dory is helped by Nemo and Marlin in this epic adventure along the coast of California. You will also see some new characters introduced in the film.
6. 亞太地區票房增長了13%,是推動國際票房增長的主力,而中國貢獻了整個亞太地區近半票房。


1. This makes China the leader among middle-income economies for this indicator, followed by India which has overtaken Brazil, according to the report jointly released by Cornell University, INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).
2. I always judge the tank on actions and not by words. So, when teams say they're not in the tank and then run out a bunch of undrafted free agents while injuries to star players linger, that's when you know it's on.
3. adj. 年長的,高級的,資深的,地位較高的
4. In global health, 2016 will be remembered as the year a little known virus made a major impact. It felt strangely familiar, but this time it wasn't Ebola making headlines around the world, it was Zika - a mosquito-borne virus being linked to a huge spike in the number of babies in Brazil born with brain defects.
5. This year they looked at the use of negative strategies such as anger or stonewalling responses to conflict, and found that these predicted health-related changes over time in specific ways.
6. 前述北京微信用戶Robin Wang說,11年前他是一位忠實的QQ用戶,但現在已經停用這款即時通訊服務,因為它顯得不夠專業。但自從在手機上下載微信之後,他發現多數同事和朋友都在上麵,現在大家都通過語音郵件交流了。


1. 13個原因
2. ['mu:vm?nt]
3. “We sell cars+ , if you don’t give us cars, naturally we won’t be able to go on, we’ll close,” Wang said in an interview, estimating import dealers are losing between 3 million and 10 million yuan a year each. The group seeking compensation represents 30 of the roughly 40 remaining imported Hyundai dealers in the country.

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    新上榜學校中排名最高的是巴黎第九大學(Université Paris-Dauphine),排在第57位。

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    Yes. There are plenty of positives: earnings, economic growth, and US tax cuts. But they are already known. Stocks look ridiculously expensive by historical standards, but that tells us nothing about short-term moves. Ultimately, it comes down to liquidity, which has driven markets since they emerged from the crisis in 2009. If all goes according to plan, central banks will be decreasing their balance sheets, and removing liquidity, by the end of 2018. If they go through with this, the odds are that the S&P will stall. But even a tiny tremor could make the bankers blink. Expect the momentum to continue.

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    Managers are able to reward their subordinates in unique, personalized ways thanks to the budget they receive from corporate. Two examples of past bonuses: free trail rides at an equestrian stadium and a barbeque with lassoing and horseshow throwing lessons.

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    9. Firefighter

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    Jon Copestake, editor of the EIU Worldwide Cost of Living Index, said one of the most notable changes was the rising costs in Australia, with Sydney third in the list and Melbourne fifth. Sandwiched between them was Oslo in Norway.

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    Vietnamese press claim chicken, sturgeon, fruit and vegetables from China have been undercutting local market prices. While illegal out-of-date produce is creating a black market in China.

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    The school is also second for its international course experience. More than four in five of its latest graduating cohort went on an internship abroad and over half studied in another country for more than a month.

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